Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Here Goes...

So, I suppose this is my blog. I used to write a blog back in my college days, and people whom I’d never met would come up to me and tell me that they got a kick out of it. And, frankly, I got a kick out of them getting a kick out of it, especially if they were hot girls. So, I figured what the hell. I’ve always had an inflated sense of self-worth, and I like to pretend that people give a shit about what I think/say, so what better platform is there than a blog to pretend that I’m important? That’s a hypothetical question; please do not post your answers in the comments.

Plus, I’ve actually had a lot of thoughts tumbling through my head over the past year or so, and they’ve kinda been struggling to get out in a more solid, structured form. My old blog used to be straight humor. This one is more likely to be 50/50 between humor and more starkly serious philosophies I hold about life and love. And the truth of the matter is that I’d love to open up a debate in this blog about my philosophies. I’m still ironing a lot of them out, and I’d love to hear some logical retorts to my ideas.

But I do realize that a lot of you might just want what I used to have, which was a less thought-provoking, more chuckle-inducing blog. With that in mind, I’ve decided to tag individual entries as either “For Seriously” (serious blogs) or “Why So Serious?” (humor).

I doubt I’ll write much about poker, but on the off-chance I do, I’ll tag them as such. Regardless, read whatever you want, or never read my blog again, whatever, I don’t care. (<-- blatant lie. I crave attention.)


Some shout-outs are definitely in order before I post any real entries. Two people in particular inspired me to resume blogging:

Single Steve -- One of my friends from college named Steve (I'm omitting his last name, because he leaves his last name and his face off of his blog for professional reasons) has been writing a blog for some time called Single Steve. It's hilarious, it's exactly my kind of humor, and it's frankly almost exactly like what I used to do on my humor blog. He makes ridiculous jokes, whips up ludicrously bad MS Paint diagrams and charts, and is just generally hilarious. Those are all things I used to do, and I very much missed that. Thanks for getting me off my ass, Steve.

Kristy Arnett -- Kristy is one of my great friends here in Vegas. I work with her and we have the same group of friends. She started an incredibly honest blog called Snaptress about her life and just random funny experiences, and I love how she just puts herself out there.

Anyway, enjoy my blog. (Or, you know, be a dick about it and don't enjoy it.)

- Shawn

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